About Us

In modern day society active wear has become so much more than daggy, old sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt. Active wear has become leisure wear, and above all a fashion statement. Activewear has become a part of the day to day life of people in countries all around the world. However, it has also developed a price tag that has become in some cases unaffordable to purchase a quality product that is going to last, or withstand the stretch of a squat without going see through (ladies, you will understand this).

​Our goal with our apparel is to provide quality items at an affordable price point within everyones reach. Our goal is to elimate that feeling of consumer guilt.
​We want to strive for our customers to have an all round positive experience with us.
​No guilt for spending to much. Purchasing quality garments, manufactured with care to last. Made with quality materials to make you feel good about you! Flattering cuts, that will encourage the customer to wear the garment with radiating confidence.

​At the other end of the spectum, though fitness is getting more attention than ever, and people are being encouraged more than ever to go out and train. Social Media and marketing medias are out there encouraging the wrong thing.

​Sex Sells, we've been told that forever. We have been told that looking at aesthetically pleasing bodies makes us more inclined to buy things. Though it may be true to a degree, we think THAT SUCKS!

​Ardent Gym Wear believes that training and exercise should be about being FIT and HEALTHY, not SKINNY or MUSCULAR. It shouldn't matter how much you weigh(within reason, there are variables at play here) or how much you lift. Training and exercise should be about having fun, reaching your own individual goals, being healthy, and did we mention having FUN ?

​This emphasis on the stigma of being lean and muscular can actually make it quite intimidating for those trying to start a new fitness regime to stick to their plans. The gym can be DAUNTING for newcomers. In an age, where we are preaching health and fitness more than ever, is that what we really want? If ANYTHING the gym should be a comforting place for networking and support.

​If you think about it, everybody at the gym is there because they WANT to be there. It was their choice. They may begrudge themselves because they are tired, have other things they need to do, or whatever, but deep, deep, down, every single person in a gym made the choice themselves to get themselves in to that gym and train. Every single person there is there because they have goals, individual to them they want to reach.

​There should be no judgement. Just support. There needs to be more emphasis on people trying different TYPES of exercise. Networking with likeminded people they may not have met before to train with! Cardio machines aren't for everyone. Lifting weights, isn't for everyone. Classes, aren't for everyone. Circuits, aren't for everyone. Training alone, isn't for everyone, and the list goes on. However, it is our mission to encourage people to get out there. Share their experiences. Share what inspires and motivates them. Share exercises they LOVE. Get out there. Try new things. Rise Up. Feel The Burn,
​and most importantly,